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Zircon StudSensor HD55 (New-IOrB-FS)

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  • 4 MODES: Stud Scan lets you find studs up to 3/4 inch deep, Deep Scan lets you find studs up to 1 1/2 inches deep, Metal Scan lets you find metal up to 3 inches deep, and AC Scan lets you find live, unshielded electrical wire up to 2 inches deep
  • “V” GROOVE allows you to pinpoint studs with accuracy
  • DIGITAL SCREEN displays bars that increase in volume as you get closer to studs or pieces of metal
  • POINTER ARROW shines onto your working surface when directly over the object you’re scanning
  • OPTIMIZED FOR INTERIOR USE due to the uneven surfaces and varying density that comes with exterior construction techniques
  • (New-IOrB-FS) (New in Original Box- Factory Sealed) We have NOT opened the product; but like any factory sealed product you buy we assume it is perfect and functional. 

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