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Tovolo Sphere Clear Ice System Set of 4 (New-IOrB-OP)

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Finally, an easy method for making clear ice with the Tovolo clear sphere ice system! This perfectly insulated system creates a controlled environment where the oxygen is pushed into the bottom, leaving you with 4 crystal-clear ice spheres. These clear spheres are sure to impress and won't dilute your favorite spirits while the classic sphere shape is perfect for your drink on the rocks or for crafting cocktails in your stainless cocktail shaker.

Brand: Tovolo
Condition:  New-IOrB-OP (New in Original Box- Opened) Sometimes boxes have been opened to make sure everything is there and to verify its condition. This is a good thing, we think opened boxes are the best kind!   

Colors:  Green
Material: Silicone
Count:  4 pack
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Slow Melting Spheres
  • Simple to use

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