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Rain Bird Dual Spray Sure Pop-Up Spray Head (New-WoOrB)

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Rain Bird Dual Spray Sure Pop-Up Spray Head Available in 2", 2.5" and 4" sizes.

Condition      New-WoOrB (New without Original Box) Sometimes the box is too damaged to use. Please keep in mind, because we want to keep our carbon footprint low that we use a box until it is literally on its last paper legs. So while the box may not be pretty, it does the job. So if there is no box, that poor box was in BAD shape.

  • Spray distance up to 15 ft. with 1/2 in. NPT threaded inlet
  • Patented close-in watering for most efficient uniform water coverage, resulting in the elimination of dry brown spots, keeping your lawn healthier for longer periods of time.
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel spring helps ensure flush retraction to prevent the problems of sprinklers not retracting.
  • Pop-up sprinkler head features a top-adjustment screw to adjust the spray distance for easy fixture of overspray.
  • Available in 2", 2.5" and 4" sizes.
Please refer to our full product condition disclosure which is located in the main menu, under the "About Us" tab. Click on Product Condition Disclosures. You can also read the full product disclosures here: http://bidbuy.tì.cc/7

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