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PC Mary's Black Prom Dress (New WT)

Save 35%
Original price $229.99
Current price $150.00
Brand: PC Mary's
Condition: New WT
Size: 8
Color: Black
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Bid & Buy Disclaimer: PLEASE READ ALL POLICIES BELOW AND ASK ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE PURCHASE. We strive to have 100% Customer Satisfaction. As a discount retailer we sell products in various conditions and do our best to disclose all known and pertinent information. 

If we said it is New: The product is new. It has not been previously used. How the product is packaged or whether it has tags will be specified to the best of our ability. By nature of being a discount store, new products may be: 1) in the original box/package, 2) in the original box/package that has some damage, 3) not in the original box/package.  

If we said it is Used: Items were used by another at some point. We test products and disclose any flaws to the best of our ability. All items are sold AS IS and there are no warranties expressed or implied. 

If we said it is Vintage: Bid & Buy does not vouch for the authenticity of any vintage product or its associated history. We perform thorough testing and research to eliminate as much doubt or ambiguity as possible, however we encourage all collectors and buyers to do their own validation. All items we carry are available for inspection in our Salt Lake City store. If you think we have made a mistake in what we have shared, we would love to hear from you! Please do so in a kind manner and we promise to receive it with humble appreciation. 

Product/Shipping Boxes: You will notice when you receive your package that the box is likely used. We do this because we think a box is for function only. We make sure it works so your product arrives safely, but after that it serves no purpose (unless you have cats). Please recycle the box or use it again if it still has structural integrity. Our boxes may not be as pretty as the boxes Amazon uses, but it does the job and keeps our planet a little greener. We also try to match the size of the box to the product, unlike the aforementioned… 

Product Condition Explanations: We are overly sensitive to product conditions as a discount retailer, so allow us to untangle our abbreviations.  

  • New IOB/P- FS(New in Original Box/Package- Factory Sealed) We have NOT opened the product; but like any factory sealed product you buy we assume it is perfect and functional.  
  • New IOB/P- OP(New in Original Box/Package- Open) Sometimes boxes have been opened to make sure everything is there and to verify its condition. This is a good thing, we think opened boxes are the best kind!  
  • New WOB/P(New without Original Box/Package) Sometimes the box is too damaged to use. Please keep in mind, because we want to keep our carbon footprint low that we use a box until it is literally on its last paper legs. So while the box may not be pretty, it does the job. So if there is no box, that poor box was in BAD shape. 
  • New OS(New Old Stock) Many hoarders (just kidding), many people like to keep things in their original box. This adds value to some products! So the new product is protected inside, while years pass… these products become what the industry terms as New Old Stock. The stock is old, but the contents are pristine. A quick note- New Old Stock can sometimes also be Vintage or Antique, depending on how old it is. Vintage: 20-99 years old / Antique 100+ years old 
  • New BD (New but damaged) We receive products in a variety of ways, and for many reasons. Most manufacturers sell only new with no damage. Well a little scratch doesn't bother us! We know that a dent or color mismatch doesn't affect the functionality or even the look sometimes. So we offer it to you for less, but we do want you to know all about it. Damage can include scratch, dent, hole, etc. We try with all our might to describe any damage in the pictures and/or description.  
  • New WT(New with Tag) This is a term typically reserved for clothing and accessories (like shoes, jewelry, belts, hats, gloves, etc.). If there is a retail tag, we leave it! We want you to know all about what you are buying and how good the deal is.   
  • New WOT(New without Tag) This is self-explanatory. Okay, why not. This is an item that we know is new, but the tag has been removed. Not by us! We swear it came to us this way. We love tags. We love the game too. Have you seen the movie? It is fantastic. 
  • Used IOB/P(Used in Original Box/Package) We have verified that the contents of the box are used, but still worthy. As for the box, please refer to the section above where we talk about boxes.   
  • Used WOB/P(Used without Original Box/Package) We just hate it when this happens, but it does happen. The product is excellent and still needs a home, so we find a box that works and voila, you get a GREAT deal and a plain box gets to live a little longer before being recycled. 
  • Vintage- IOB/P(Vintage in Original Box/Package) Vintage items are between 20-99 years old. For it to still have its original box is a rare and so neat when it happens. We take extra good care of the box, because some are close to disintegrating.  
  • Vintage- WOB/P(Vintage without Original Box/Package) Because vintage items are between 20-99 years old they are more likely than not, to come to us without a box. But the item is vintage. COOL and VALUABLE nonetheless. 
  • Antique- IOB/P(Antique in Original Box/Package) Antique items are 100 years old or more! So to still have its original box is a freaking miracle. We put these items in a bubble and we don't allow anyone to touch them. Until it is time to ship it to you of course…  
  • Antique- WOB/P(Antique without Original Box/Package) Because antiques are classified as being 100 years old or more, this is usually how antique items come to us. Like old humans, antiques are special. They have immense value either way. 

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