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Hasbro Transformers Voyager Class Autobot Springer Action Figure (Used-WOB+MP)

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Autobot Springer was built to be a tough guy. Everything about him, from his nickel-plated blaster cannon to his bad-boy attitude, is calculated to communicate exactly what he wants it to – that he’s a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners kind of guy. He prefers to fight alone, trusting his skills and luck to get him out of tight spots rather than relying on his fellow warriors. After all, other Autobots fail, but Autobot Springer never does. 

Brand: Hasbro 
Condition: Used-WOB (Used without Original Box) We just hate it when this happens, but it does happen. The product is excellent and still needs a home, so we find a box that works and voila, you get a GREAT deal and a plain box gets to live a little longer before being recycled. +MP (Missing Pieces) If there is a +MP on the end of the Product Condition Abbreviation, there is 1 or more pieces missing to the product, but not enough to ruin its value or function. We adjust the price to compensate for missing pieces and we are sure to tell you about it. 

  • Incredible Autobot Springer figure is a triple changer
  • Converts from robot mode to 1 of 2 vehicle modes
  • Choose your side: Join the mighty Autobots or the destructive Decepticons
  • Relive the original adventures with Transformers Generations figures
  • Missing weapons

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