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Hasbro Transformers Starscream Cybertronian Glyph Tattoo Action Figure (Used-WOB)

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OPTIMUS PRIME may think him a coward, but STARSCREAM never flees a fight out of fear alone. Every retreat is calculated to keep him alive long enough to return and destroy his opponents with overwhelming power. As long as the AUTOBOTS * seek him in force, he will remain hidden. As soon as OPTIMUS PRIME ventures out alone, however, STARSCREAM will strike. 

Brand: Hasbro 
Condition: Used-WOB (Used without Original Box) We just hate it when this happens, but it does happen. The product is excellent and still needs a home, so we find a box that works and voila, you get a GREAT deal and a plain box gets to live a little longer before being recycled . 

  • Few are brave enough to stick around and take on this villain
  • Take the battle to a whole other level and convert him into F-22 Raptor jet vehicle mode so he can fight from the skies
  • Robot figure converts to F-22 Raptor jet vehicle mode and back again
  • 12"

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