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Hasbro Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Sideswipe Action Figure (Used-WOB)

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Sideswipe is an Autobot. There is a reckless edge to Sideswipe's tactics. He makes rash decisions that may endanger him, all in the name of possible victory. When everything is on the line, for Sideswipe, nothing is out of the question. However, Sideswipe is not without his humor. It's long accepted that Sideswipe is the resident prankster of the Ark, along with the occasional prank from Jazz.

Brand: Hasbro
Condition: Used-WOB (Used without Original Box) We just hate it when this happens, but it does happen. The product is excellent and still needs a home, so we find a box that works and voila, you get a GREAT deal and a plain box gets to live a little longer before being recycled .


  • Figure does not convert
  • Recommended age group: 5+
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