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Hasbro Transformers Animated Bumblebee C-022E Action Figure (Used-WOB)

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The youngest robot on the crew, BUMBLEBEE is what some – especially AUTOBOT RATCHET - would call: over-eager. It's not his fault he prefers action over talk. Talk is just, you know, boring. Especially when you could be racing at top speed into a fight, or boosting into the air to launch a few well-placed energy stingers at an enemy. Nothing scares BUMBLEBEE, not even MEGATRON.

Brand: Hasbro 
Condition: Used-WoOrB (Used without Original Box) We just hate it when this happens, but it does happen. The product is excellent and still needs a home, so we find a box that works and voila, you get a GREAT deal and a plain box gets to live a little longer before being recycled.


  • 11"
  • Battery Operated

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