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Hand Made Modern Acrylic Paint (New-FS)

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Color: Mouse

Crafted to give you a wide array of color choices to get you started, the brilliant acrylic craft paint is an easy way to find your next masterpiece. With a smooth consistency that is easy to apply, this stunning paint is a must-have for aspiring artists. Creating a masterpiece with this modern paint is a breeze. Be ready to create your next masterpiece by keeping Acrylic Craft Paint as part of your art supplies. This acrylic craft paint can be used on a variety of surfaces — from canvas to wood to paper and more — to give you plenty of options for crafting.

Whether you use it to paint a portrait or to personalize a wooden picture frame to gift to a friend, you're sure to appreciate that this paint is nontoxic, letting you use it with confidence. 

Brand: Hand Made Modern
Condition: New-FS (New in Original Box/Package- Factory Sealed) We have NOT opened thee product; but like any factory sealed product you buy we assume it is perfect and functional.

  • Colors: Mouse Gray, Apple Green
  • Weight: 2 Fl Oz

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