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Shopping and Saving Superheroes

You cannot have a true team and store campaign, without mascots! Meet Mr. and Mrs. Shopping & Savings. We need your help naming them! Leave a comment with your best names for our Shopping and Savings Superhero (S&S Supers) duo. We will be giving away a prize each day, to the person who has the best names! Make sure to like us after you comment, and we will send you a coupon to save even more money with us (everything in our 3 stores is up to 80% off retail prices). The contest starts on Thanksgiving and runs through Cyber Monday so you'll need to think FAST!

Let us tell you about our S&S Supers, to help your brainstorming. These two help all of the companies operating as BUY Enterprises (Bid & Buy, Brew & Buy, Bin & Buy). They fly through our stores daily with their pricing guns s

Name our Store Mascots!

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