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Return & Exchange Policy

We have all been there, so we all know that nothing ruins your faith and opinion about a retailer like a poor return/exchange experience. How many times have you had a ridiculous time trying to return or exchange a product? We want you to be as happy and satisfied as possible with what you purchase at Bid and Buy. We are as transparent as possible about our product conditions and return/exchange policy, to avoid any unpleasant or ridiculous circumstances.  

Maybe we go into too much detail here, but better we share it all than not enough. For a complete glossary of our Product Conditions, please visit here. While we strive to purchase nothing but new products, as a discount retailer we do not always get things in perfect condition. That is a big reason why you get it for less! Please be diligent and understand the condition before purchasing. 

As for pricing, a lot goes into the process! We value everything according to:

  1. What we paid for it
  2. The time we spent finding, traveling, acquiring, cleaning, and staging the product
  3. The actual condition of the product
  4. The real-life value
  5. The Manufacture Sales Retail Price's (MSRP) 
  6. The brand reputation
  7. The availability and demand

    The MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) can vary, as some products are sold by many retailers. We do our best to keep up with the latest prices and trends, but with thousands of items we sometimes miss a price change. We still will guarantee to beat anyone's reasonable price! So, if you find something for less, let us know please!

    If a product has an open box, we do our best to make sure all the pieces are there and it functions properly. Sometimes we miss a box or two. The only products we do not test, are the boxes that have never been opened and are considered factory sealed. We have learned however that does not guarantee the product works. 99 times out of 100 it does, but I am sure you have purchased new items from retailers before that fail, we are not immune to this happening either. Everyone's makes a lemon sometimes.

    Because of the nature of our discount business, we cannot guarantee the condition or longevity as would a retailer that sells brand new products for the full retail price. We do not provide a warranty on any of our items, that is a conversation you would have with the manufacturer. We are sure you understand. 

    If you are shopping in our physical store locations, and you have any doubt about the condition of a product, you may ask any of our sales associates for help testing it. Please, please, please do not open the box yourself. See a store associate and they will assist you.  

    We are as flexible as we can be as a discount retailer. Our return policy is clear and firm. The return/exchange period is short and precise. You can claim we're being all "Goldie Hawn" about this (overboard…) but better to be soaked than sorry. We will only refund your money, exchange the product for a new one, or provide you instore credit, if the item is broken/does not function properly. We have small margins and an even smaller staff, making frequent returns impossible to deal with. Make sure you want what you buy, and if you do not then we recommend selling it. You likely will get more for it than what you bought it for because our prices are that low!

    Instore Return & Exchange Policy:

    If the sold merchandise does not function properly, and it was something we were unaware of at the time of sale, you may:

    • Receive your cash/credit back if returned within 7-days of purchase.
    • Receive instore credit, if returned between 8-15 days of purchase.
    • Exchange the product for a new one (if we carry additional identical units) if returned within 15-days of purchase.
    We will not refund, credit, or exchange anything until the original product has been received in the same condition as it was sold. That means it must look exactly the same as it did when we sold it to you.

      Online Store Return/Exchange Policy:

      Online purchases offer an added nuance to returns, because you have not been able to physically see the product before buying.

      If the product does not fit, or you are dissatisfied for another REASONABLE reason, if you return the item (at your cost) within 10-days of purchase, you will receive a refund for the product. We will not refund the shipping cost.

      If the product arrives in a different condition as advertised, does not function, or was broken in transit, as long as you notify us within 48-hours of receiving the item we will send you a return label to send it back. Once we receive the merch, we will refund your product and shipping fee.

      Please realize that we have no control over the credit card processors or banks. It can take anywhere from 5-10 days to reimburse your card or bank account.

      The Good News... You never need to find your receipt! We kept track of everything you purchase with us! 

      Last Updated 11/24/2022 

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