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This is version 3.0 of our Product Condition Definitions, 

because we either shared too much or too little about our products in the past. 

We think we have found a happy balance with our latest rendition. 

Please share your thoughts with us at


  • New: NEW New (new). Nothing ambiguous here, this product is brand new. Keep in mind that although the product is new, in rare cases the item may be wrinkled, smells musty, and/or is a little dirty from transit/humans/warehouse. Please review photos diligently.

  • New-FS: New Factory-Sealed. This product is brand new and has never been opened. Like any factory sealed product, you buy we assume it is perfect and functional. Keep in mind, like in any other retail store, sometimes Factory Sealed products are not perfect. We will of course replace the item immediately or refund your money if we do not have additional inventory. Please review photos diligently.

  • New-WT: New with Tags. This is all discount retailers dream, as well as you, our customer. Refer to the "New" description and add the fact that the price and/or the brand tag is still attached to the product. It is like you are buying it off the showroom floor, but for much less. Remember that we make no guarantees on the manufacturer's warranty and we do not offer any warranty. Please review photos diligently.

  • NOS: New Old Stock. These are new items, that are mature (Vintage or Antique) and have never been used. Likely the box has been opened a time or two, but the goods are still new despite their age. Please review photos diligently.

  • Used: Used (aka; experienced, previously owned, test-driven). This item has previous experience, and in many cases experience is a great thing. We all love when fellow motorists, tandem skydivers, and pilots have previous experience. Sure, products are a little different. We would only sell something used/previously owned if it still has value; so, you can feel confident buying used items from us. Used items may arrive with damaged packaging or be repackaged. It may be marked, have identifying markings on it, or have minor cosmetic damage. It may also be missing some parts or accessories such as screws (in the case of furniture) or an instruction manual. Please review photos diligently.

    Used-LN: Used- Like New: You can barely tell that it has ever been used, if at all! These items have been tried on and returned. Or removed from box and set up, then torn down two minutes later to be returned to the store.

    Used-E: Used- Excellent: A well-cared-for item that has seen limited use and remains in good working condition.

    Used-G: Used- Good: The item shows wear from consistent use, but it remains in good condition and functions properly.

  • Vintage & Antique: Vintage. Did you know that if an item is between 20-99 years old, it is considered vintage? Anything older than 99 years is considered Antique. Because we perform estate auctions and online garage sales for customers, we source a large variety of vintage and antique items intermingled with our new merch. Occasionally our antiquated items do not have a price, because we know that beauty and value is personal. Make us an offer whether you see a price or not. A respectable offer please.

    Regarding condition, for our older products to still be in its original box is rare. We take extra good care to keep the box and product in safe and clean condition. It goes without saying that vintage/antique items are expected to have wear and tear, even potential damage given their age. We will not note every blemish but will detail damage if known. We do not offer a warranty on any of the products we sell, nor can we guarantee the manufacturer's warranty. As always, review the photos carefully and read the product description. Please keep in mind the valuable information we share about buying from a discount retailer in our Discount Shopping Manifesto, and the great deal you found!

  • AUTH: Authentic. There are some very good artists that replicate certain brand products, and it can be difficult to discern if they are authentic. To provide you confidence when purchasing these often-replicated items (i.e., designer purses, fine jewelry, trading cards, etc.), we have our purses authenticated by Entrupy, we have our high-priced jewelry appraised by local jewelers who are members of the American Gem Society, and our Trading Cards that come to us already graded are verified first, before we post them for sale.

  • CLTB: If a product is listed as a Collectible, then: 1) the item itself is valuable because of its brand, 2) it is sought after because of the age/product type combination, or 3) there is something additional on the product that adds value (such as an autograph or mark). Because we are not historians or accessors, we cannot accurately tell you if an item is in mint condition or any of the other 20 conditions a collectible can be assigned. We do our best to provide a detailed description of the aspects that justify the special value, and/or take pictures of every important part so you can judge for yourself the value. If the Collectible has been graded, we will share that information. Please review photos diligently.

  • RFB: Refurbished. A refurbished item (also known as Renewed) according to manufacturers is a pre-owned product that was inspected, tested, then either tuned up or fixed to be in good working condition again. The product may have signs of wear and small cosmetic imperfections, as well as be repackaged in a generic box. As far as we know, these items have been restored to full working status. Of course, if this turns out to be incorrect, we will correct the situation immediately. Please review photos diligently.

  • IOP: Inoperable. The product is not in working order, known from the quick plug-in check, or based on sight (e.g., it is obvious). Sometimes this sticker is added to items that do function, but more time is necessary to fix it so it works correctly. Also, this condition is assigned if a product is missing a lot of pieces, or at least one vital piece to its functioning. These items can be hidden gold mines if you know how to fix things, or properly use difficult machines. Please review photos diligently.

  • PO: Parts Only. Item is damaged in a way that renders it difficult to use or is unable to be used at all and can only offer the buyer parts to repair an identical or similar unit. Please review photos diligently.

  • UKN: Unknown. As much as we like to get everything done in a day, sometimes a product does not get the attention it deserves. Instead of guessing about its condition, we would rather you know that the condition is unknown. In this case, if you are in our store bring the product to the checkout area, they will open the box and plug it in for you. As well as allow you to inspect it thoroughly. Please review photos diligently.


  • OOB: Opened Original Box. The original box has been opened. Since it is already opened, we check to verify contents in the box and the condition of the contents. Please review photos diligently.

  • WOB: Without Original Box. Oftentimes the original box has damage and makes the good-looking product on the inside look bad. So, we shed the box and let the product be free from its shabby constraints. In most cases the item will be repackaged. Please review photos diligently.

  • PB: Product Blemish. Item may have a mark, discoloration, scratch, or dent. This is a condition for when a product has slight imperfections that are easily remedied or unnoticeable. Please review photos diligently.

  • BD: Box Damage. We know that sometimes you are purchasing items as a gift, so the box condition is important. As well as valuable in the case of collectibles. If there is box damage, we will note this acronym in our description. Please review photos diligently.

  • MP: Missing Pieces. Item is missing one or more essential accompanying material or parts. This does not necessarily include instructions. If there is a +MP on the end of the Product Condition Abbreviation, there is one or more pieces missing from the assembly, but not enough to ruin its value or function. We adjust the price to compensate for missing pieces and we are sure to tell you about it. Please review photos diligently.

  • CSM: Consignment. We carry artistic consignment pieces in our physical store as well as advertise them on our Online Store. All consignment items we carry are new creations, or new assemblies created from other items. These products can range from lotions and potions to arts and carts. From crafts and racks to snacks and knick-knacks. In every city we reside and sell in, we want to support that city's culture and vibe. Please review photos diligently.

  • SAT: Satisfactory. This is how we describe our dry goods that are new, but past their "Best By" date. We have tested for quality and still taste great to us, but you need to be your own judge. Certain things remain viable for years We do not guarantee or hold any responsibility to the condition of the food and its value because we have told you everything we know about its condition. Use good judgement. Please review photos diligently.

  • HTF: Hard to Find. Also known as a rare item.

  • OOAK: One-of-a-Kind. Typically handmade and not something that is reproduced.

Thank you for reading our product descriptions! Although we stress the importance of reading them, most people do not take the time. Which can result in a poor shopping experience and cause more work for everyone. So, because you read this thoroughly and are empowered with discount shopping wisdom, we think you are going to save us time. Here is a gift of 10% off your order, please use this code when checking out. Remember that you can only use one discount code or coupon at a time. CODE: B&BT&C. One per customer please, be kind and integrous. We appreciate you supporting our missions and small business. We REALLY mean it!

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