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We Are So Happy You Stopped BUY

We are so glad you stopped BUY! Welcome to Buy Enterprises. We are changing retail BUY storm and reimagining the way you BUY everything. We respect retail prices and those who can afford them. We also think that those who cannot afford full retail, but work hard keeping the world running, deserve the same end result. We are not the first retailer to offer discount merchandise. In some ways we are the same, but in the best ways we are different. We offer multiple ways purchase, three different locations to shop in, we share product conditions to give you more confidence in buying for less, and we are certain that we sell name-brand, trusted goods for less than anyone else. With BUY Enterprises everyone can afford to BUY the essentials they need, and wish list items we all work hard for. The BUY Enterprises Umbrella currently includes the following companies: Bid & Buy, Brew & Buy, and Bin & Buy.


Bid and Buy is an online name-brand discount store. There are a lot of retail stores that run sales and offer discounts. The problem with a retailer that runs sales all the time, or off and on, is you never know if you are buying their products at the right time, for the best price. That is never an issue with Bid & Buy. Everything is priced up to 90% off retail MSRP; there is never a bad time to shop here. Because affordability needs to apply to us all, we knew we had to sell products that fit into the main purchasing categories. We sell shoes, tools, purses, toys, clothes, gifts, art, games, baby items, women's clothing, men's clothing, little's clothing, construction gear, books, DIY supplies, suitcases, makeup, jewelry, winter gear, swimsuits, hats, flooring, home décor, furniture, collector cards, figurines, outdoor gear, undergarments, rugs, closet organizers, costumes, electronics, hardware, seasonal products, frames, video games, weapons, and more. Shop when it is most convenient for you, safe from COVID and crowds, all while saving up to 90% off retail.


Brew & Buy is the best kitchen and antique discount boutique, physically located in the Ivy Place Shopping Center of South Salt Lake. Besides discounted kitchen and vintage merch, we also offer a huge variety of drinks, snacks, water, coffee, and tea. The make-your-own coffee station will turn into a full-scale coffee shop once we have finalized the contractor selection and begin the remodel. There is nothing quite like Brew & Buy around for at least a five-mile radius. We have comfy lounge space, a library cart full of books, and games to stimulate your brain. We also have a fantastic consignment collection from local artisans. For more info visit


Bin & Buy is Utah's first Bin Store, and one of the first in the west! Bin store's get their name from selling an array of goods worth hundreds of dollars to one dollar out of big bins, for a fixed low price. Each week everything in Bin & Buy starts at $8 on Friday and Saturday. The price decreases throughout the week. Tuesday is $6 day, Wednesday is $4 day, and Thursday is $2 day. We decrease the pricing to incentivize you to buy everything we have to make room for our next truckload. New products and pricing starts over every Friday!

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