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Sunter Natural Daylight LED Vanity Mirror (New)

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This Sunter LED vanity mirror exclusively features an 8W FSL certified bulb. FSL Certified Full Spectrum Light is the brightest white available today, with 6500 Kelvin degrees, simulating true natural daylight.

Brand: Sunter
Condition: New
  • Dual 1x/10x magnification optical grade mirror
  • Glare free mirror
  • Fog free mirror
  • True-to-life color
  • Full spectrum 8-Watt LED bulb
  • Brushed nickel finish that is fingerprint resistant
  • Fully adjustable mirror head rotates 360° for multiple viewing angles Natural Daylight:
  • Brightest white with 6500 Kelvin degrees
  • Reduces eyestrain and glare
  • Makes images and text clearer
  • 90+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) shows actual true-to-life colors
  • Energy efficient

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