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Ello Merry & Bright Glass Tumbler Water Bottle, 20oz (New)

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This water bottle is sooooo gorgeous. A bottle to be noticed and complimented on by everyone around you. It is a glass bottle, with a bamboo twist top lid. The theme is Merry & Bright, but the style goes with anything year-round. Give Mother Earth a helping hand, use reusable bottles instead of disposable plastic ones. 
But, even with beauty and earth-saving capabilities, we all know the real test of a bottle, is how easy it is to wash. From experience, we know that a normal dish brush fits inside! WIN!

Brand: Ello
Condition: New

  • Style: Merry & Bright
  • Color: Navy Blue & Gold
  • Material: Glass
  • Size: 20-ounce bottle

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