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Salvage Groceries


Have you ever looked at the expiration dates on long shelf-life food, and wonder "Is this their way of getting me to throw away good food; and make me buy more?" We had questions about expiration dates, so we dove in to learn about food safety industry standards. It you have a minute, take a dip in yourself, it is fascinating!

There is not one Federal Law that requires a manufacturer to include an expiration date on a food product they sell. Food Safety is handled at the State level, to ensure consumers do not get food poisoning or a food borne illness through education. 

In many cases, the expiration date tends to refer to how fresh a product is, not whether the product is safe to consume past a certain date. As you can see from our product list, we sell gum, mints, candy bars, pop-tarts, cereal, etc. You are the judge to determine the freshness of the Salvage Groceries we have on display.

It is strange that manufacturers are not required to post an expiry date. However, they absolutely do not want anyone getting sick, regardless of the rules. So, they post a date that best aligns with their business goals and the health of the consumer. You can imagine, people getting sick would not be good for the bottom line. However, putting impractical dates on their consumable items works to their advantage. Making us purchase more of their products is another way that keeps them in the black and keeps their consumers safe. Albeit deceiving and dishonest. Which is why many wholesalers like us, sell what we call “Salvage Groceries”.

We figure there are a few people out there (like us) who don't mind if the product is not in pristine condition. Looks quite the same when we chew… Tasting good and being safe is what we align to. It might be a little mushed and the package might look haggard, but at up to 80% off retail, can you go wrong?

ALL FOOD PURCHASES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE OR EXCHANGABLE. Consumer inherits all risk, making BUY Enterprises, Bid & Buy, Bin & Buy, and Brew & Buy void of any responsibility in the purchasing and consumption of any food products. As with any purchase use your best judgment and enjoy saving some money on some of your favorite snacks!

~ buy Enterprises Management


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