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Kitchenaid Compact Dish Rack-Drying Rack

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This KitchenAid Stainless Steel Compact Dish-Drying Rack takes up very little counter space while yet holding up to 9 plates, 5 cups, and other things. The rack includes brushed stainless steel panels and a detachable flatware caddy with three compartments, giving it an upmarket appearance. The rack is composed of rust-resistant satin-coated wire to prevent scratching of dishware, and it has soft, nonskid feet to keep it stable while drying and protect surfaces.

Brand: Kitchenaid 
Condition: New

  • Space-Saving Design
  • Rust-Resistant Satin Wires
  • Soft, Nonslip Feet
  • 40.8 cm × 32.1 cm × 15.8 cm (16 in. × 12.6 in. × 6.22 in.)
  • Space saver: Designed to take up minimal counter space
  • Elegant: Brushed stainless steel panels give the rack an elegant feel
  • Removable flatware caddy: Features 3 compartments for easy sorting; simply lift caddy from rack and carry to drawer or table
  • Soft cup tines: Protect glassware and mugs from breaking while drying
  • Smart design: Soft, nonskid feet stabilize rack and prevent scratching of countertops, while drainboard directs water into the sink
  • Rust-resistant: Satin-coated wire frame repels rust and protects dishware from getting scratched
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