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Dip Powder 2 in 1 Recycling Tray (New-FS)

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Dip Powder 2 in 1 Recycling Tray with French Nail Mold Function. If you like to take care of your nails, you will enjoy this dip powder recycling tray. It is designed to be used when you pour loose powder on your nail. The tray below will collect the powder. You can get the beautiful dip nails done faster, sanitary, and save a lot of time. The product is easy to clean, which means you don't need to bother about your nail tray when you are in a hurry. Also, it's environment-friendly; you can save the powder for your future use.         

Condition: New-FS (New in Original Box- Factory Sealed) We have NOT opened the product; but like any factory sealed product you buy we assume it is perfect and functional. 


  • When you pour dip powder on nails, the powder will evenly cover the nails, will not destroy the designs. And the dip powder is not cheap, if you get this dip case, you can save a lot of powder.
  • If you are french nail fans, you also can DIY pretty nails, the operation steps is same as the french nails.
  • High-quality plastic, make it has a good quality and feels nice. Beautiful appearance, resistant to falling and hitting, can be used for a long time under normal circumstances.
  • White

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