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Phloem Wooden Wine Crate Bottle Rack Multi-Use Carrier (New-OOB)

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Brand Phloem
Condition New-OOB (New in Opened Original Box) 
  • REAL WINE CRATE: These are actual crates that were used by prestigious wineries to store and transport their wines. Most crates are from high end wineries in France, Italy, or the USA. Step up your style with an elegant, yet rustic touch. Goes great with farmhouse decor.
  • VERSATILE USE: More than just a wood box, it comes with all the inserts and dividers to be a wine rack, bottle carrier, storage box, and can be used on the tabletop, countertop, or on the floor. They are stackable and also great for liquor and kitchen storage.
  • CHALKBOARD AND ROPE HANDLES: Equipped with a chalkboard surface and coconut rope handles, these vintage looking bins can be labeled and add a decorative flair vs the normal boring box. They make the perfect picnic basket.
  • WHAT YOU GET: Comes with one real wine crate, tic tac toe dividers.
  • CORKHOLE GAME: Say what Ever heard of cornhole or washer toss You can use your wine crate with the tic tac toe dividers to play a fun game with corks! It's a wine cork tossing game where you score points based on the hole the cork lands in. Mix in a little wine and your family and friends will have a great time! You can even use the chalkboard to keep score!

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