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7TECH V9 3D Printing Pen (New-OOB)

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Thanks to the super powerful gear motor with strong and stable extruding performance,and aircraft-grade ceramic nozzle, Users will have a premium stable and smooth drawing experience.Great for 3D drawing enthusiasts!

Brand: 7TECH 
Condition: New-IOB-OP (New in Original Box, Opened): Sometimes boxes have been opened to make sure everything is there and to verify its condition. This is a good thing, we think opened boxes are the best kind! Please review photos diligently.
  • V9 has a super powerful gear box with super smooth drawing experience;V9 is easy to use simply plug-in, heat up and extrude! Great for experienced artists/ 3D printing enthusiasts!
  • 7TECH 3D Pen is an ideal gift for child and adults, 7TECH 3D pen inspires creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding. It is also a great way for adults to relieve stress or cultivate interests, designers, architects, artists or crafts lovers will love it and makes your imagination comes to true.
  • Capable of using PLA(160-180℃) and ABS(180-210℃) filaments refill, and filaments diameter 1.75±0.02 mm. This gives you free to choose material you’d prefer.
  • With patented ceramic nozzle and adjustable temperature design, this 3D pen is extraordinarily friendly and safe while drawing. Also it provides accurate and stable extruding.
Please refer to our full product condition disclosure which is located in the main menu, under the "About Us" tab. Click on Product Condition Disclosures. You can also read the full product disclosures here: http://bidbuy.tì.cc/7

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