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Coca Cola Glasses Set of 8, Georgia-green, 22 fl oz (Vintage)

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Coca-Cola Glasses, Clear, Set of 8, 22 fl oz. Great gift for collectors!

Brand: Coca-Cola Libbey 
Condition: Vintage in original box.


  • 🥃Set of 8 Glasses 
  • 🥃Vintage from before 2000
  • 🥃Materials: Glass
  • 🥃Capacity: 22 fluid ounces
  • 🥃Styled after classic Coca-Cola glasses, including a wide-mouth shape 
  • 🥃Great gift for Coke collectors and ice-cream float lovers alike
  • 🥃Includes 8, 22-ounce Coke tumbler glasses
  • 🥃Georgia green
  • 🥃Dishwasher-safe
  • 🥃Great gift for collectors!
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