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Vera Bradley Boho Backpack, Multicolor (New)

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The Vera Bradley story is truly inspiring and reminds us that we can have the same success and future. In 1982 two friends, Barbara Bradley and Patricia Miller were at the airport, disappointed by the mass of boring, black luggage. "This place could use some color" started a female-led revolution of color and design. Traveling got brighter, and their dream of making the world a brighter place was achieved. If you have five minutes, we encourage you to read more about this incredible company and how a sisterhood of women has made an enormous impact on the lives of women and children, all while still running a worldwide company.

Brand: Vera Bradley 
Condition: New

  • Cleaning Tips:
  • Vera Bradley bags require basic cleaning.
  • To minimize future cleaning and avoid stains, it is best to treat your bag with Scotchguard as soon as you purchase a Vera Bradley bag.
  • Before putting the bag into your washing machine, make sure you remove any cardboard support(s) the bag may have. If the cardboard cannot be removed, consider spot cleaning.
  • Select the gentle cycle, add vinegar (no detergent), and use the slow spin.
  • Allow to drip dry indoors.
  • Add cardboard inserts bac in, if any were removed.
  • And... treat with Scotchguard if you did not when you first bought your amazing bag!

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