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Shop Green, Live Green, and Stay Green with Bid & Buy

Shop Green, Live Green, and Stay Green with Bid & Buy

Saving the planet one step at a time.

Being natural, green, ethical, cost-effective is smart we all know that, but being Green amidst COVID-19 pandemic isn’t easy. The collective sustainable consciousness is taking a toll. Even though economies are reeling, countries are facing big changes, and many households are fighting for survival, we cannot ignore our environment and pollute it further. 

How does Bid & Buy helps us stay Green?

Living Green: Bid & Buy purchases closeouts and liquidations keeping items out of the land fields. We repurpose products (like our shopping bags) to prevent more post-consumer waste! We don’t print receipts at our physical store location. We keep digital records of what you have purchased so you don't have to keep your receipts.

Saving Green: Because we get good deals – YOU get good deals too! We save you up to 80% off traditional retail prices. We offer the name brand products your family wants and needs at great prices!

Switching to Green: We offer vide variety of environmentally friendly products such as sheets, towels, clothes, bottles, glasses, jars, that are reusable, re-washable and cost-effective.

Why go Green?

- Organic products are naturally durable, without any need for additives to make them stronger.
- They are also biodegradable and they are good choice to benefit the environment.
- Green products are either not dyed or dyed with all-natural colors which make them hypoallergenic and safe for babies and children with sensitive skin.
- Organic products are good for the planet. Conventionally farmed plants can take a large toll on the earth and the soil by the use of insecticides. This impacts the health of the farmers who work in the fields and surrounding animal life. Farmers that grow organic cotton need your support to make sure that their good and healthy practices don’t die out.
- Green products are reusable/re-washable which makes them cost-effective.

Come shop for Green products and gifts this season and see what Bid & Buy has in store for YOU! It will leave your friends green with envy!

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