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Safe Shopping

Safe Shopping

Online Holiday Shopping has become the norm in recent years and it is expected that 2020 will see record numbers of online sales. But sometimes, you just need to go to that one store or you might really desire to support local small business (THANK YOU!!). We at Bid & Buy want to help you shop safely!  The following are 10 Tips On How To Shop Outside Safely

1. Check the store safety precautions before entering

2. Wear a protective mask
3. Bring along wipes and hand sanitizer and clean your hands regularly
4. Practice social distancing (CDC guideline is 6-feet)
5. Avoid unnecessary handling of the items in store
6. Don't crowd the check out stand
7. Allow for extra time and if needed wait outside the main entrance to reduce crowding within the store
8. Consider curbside pickup
9. Treat employees with kindness. They are working hard to provide everyone with safe access to the products they need. Be patient as they go about their work including additional cleaning protocols and consider acknowledging them with a "thank you"
10. Consider contactless methods of payment 

We want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday shopping season!
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