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Bid & Buy Warehouse opening for one week!

Bid & Buy Warehouse opening for one week!

We are opening our warehouse up for only one week! We have bought some really neat merch; we have what you seek!

We need to sell everything that we own. We are so excited; someone grab the phone! We are going to call everyone we know. You deserve some price breaks, and this place steals the show.

  • Our first bay has the couches, chairs, desks and doors. They are here for you to buy them, or for your kids who are so bored. 
  • All our shelves are filled with neat goods, gifts and toys, everything you need for babies, toddlers, girls and boys.
  • Another bay is bursting with jackets, shirts, and shoes. Clothing of all sizes, isn't that such great news? 
  • Wait until you see, all our Christmas decor. You will wonder how you lived without, all your years before.
  • You spend a third of life sleeping, perhaps in a dull bed, so splurge on something new (like patterned sheets) and rest your grateful head.
  • We carry a lot of curtains, of a few different heights, you will love how they look, especially when closed at night. 
    • (84" and 95" room-darkening, they also keep the heat in well).
  • Nothing says, “sit here”, like a pair of decorative pillows, and nothing says, “go home” like throwing them at your neighbors. 
  • It's going to get messy, with lots of guests staying at your home. We have the cleaning covered, or at least the products for you to own.
  • Office supplies cost so much; you can barely pay their rates! But with us you save some money, putting more food on your plate.
  • Is it time for more school supplies, the year is half-way through. When you walk around the store, look for pens and glue. I bet their backpack is just fine, but it is nearly Christmas time… we have so many marked far down, don't miss these deals- it will make you frown.
  • You think some people have it all, to which we disagree. You will find them a gift here, we promise, wait and see.
  • Attention all DIY and makers, this business started because of one. We have so much merch for projects, you'll see shopping here is fun! 
  • If you like shiny things, we have a lot of those. Things that blink and say your name, clean your floors and cool new games. We have a few one-of-a-kinds, and even cool antique finds. There are hats, gloves, scarves, and coats. Sunscreen, swimsuits, sandals… and maybe even a boat. Instead of asking what we have, save yourself some time. The shorter question is “what don't you carry?” That's easy, just beer and wine.

We hope you've enjoyed our silly rhymes and reasons to shop our store. If you don't come by here this week, I'll just keep coming up with a lot more. 

Maybe your shopping is finished, and no one can get you out the door. Lucky for you my shopping friend, we have an online store. Shop at your own pace and time, watch the game and spend a dime. Shipping is nothing to worry about, just check "Local Pickup" when you go to Checkout.

We promise not to waste your time, but maybe just one more tiny rhyme. We will beat any other price, that is real and not a gag. We don't lower some prices and raise others, so you're had. We think it's time retail did things differently, and a lot less bad.

OPENING: Saturday, Dec.17th, 2022 through Saturday, Dec. 24th, 2022 (Closed Sunday and Monday)

TIME: 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

ADDRESS: 4680 S 900 E, Suite 4742, Salt Lake City UT 84117

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